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I am often asked by potential new clients; ‘will your treatment help for this or that?’ I find myself going to great lengths to explain that the only limitations to healing are those that you have unintentionally placed on yourself.

The most radical way in which we can affect consciousness is through story telling. Specifically telling your story. Sickness happens from within, it’s a you thing. So does healing.

I don’t make diagnoses, I listen to stories. Do you know your story? Have you sat with yourself for long enough to hear your body speak? This is not an easy task to be sure. Mostly we are taught to avoid discomfort. Act quickly to get rid of pain, be it physical or emotional. But what if the pain was important? What if our sensitivities are a measure of all the ways in which we are living wrong? What if it’s the body’s way of drawing attention to something that has come up for processing, for change to a more congruent way of being? Is it ultimately for our benefit? Are our symptoms meaningful? Can they teach us something about ourselves?

Our nervous systems are capable of extreme mobilisation; to run or fight. But also of freezing. And of being calm and stable, at ease. We cycle through these different states continuously throughout the day. Sometimes we can go into fight or flight and stay there. Sometimes we can freeze and stay there. We don’t come back down to calm and ease because we don’t feel safe. Whilst we are in fight or flight our biologies change to help us get through this situation which we have perceived to be dangerous. When we finally make it out of fight or flight the body can return to regular function. It’s at this point that we experience ‘symptoms’, ‘illness’, ‘sickness’.

Coming back to calm and ease is of vital importance. How do we begin to feel safe? How do we come out of fight or flight, or freeze? How do we start the journey home to self? How do we support our vital energies, nourish our bodies, minds, spirits to live a more harmonious life?

This is not easy to explain. How do you present a differing worldview in a few short sentences on a messaging app or over the phone? Because it is exactly that; a radically different worldview. A vastly different paradigm of medicine, healing and the miraculous body.

The short answer is; you can’t.

We have been mistakenly conditioned to believe in our weakness, our fallibility. Our inability to heal without external forces applied. We need the expert to apply the magic treatment, potion or pill. We are the victims of the unseen or unknown perpetrator and we need the saviour to come and relieve our suffering. The victim-saviour-perpetrator paradigm. For as long as we are stuck in this, recovery remains elusive.

Healing comes from within. Nothing is random. Symptoms are meaningful. They give us information abut our bodies, our psyches. They are directly correlated to what is happening in our lives, environments, hearts and minds. The feelings go with the symptoms. Everything that happens in the body, happens for a reason.

The body is intelligent, infinitely so. Every cell contains the wisdom of the cosmos. Can we learn to tap into this wisdom? To allow these intelligent processes to unfold spontaneously? My belief is yes. Absolutely yes. Doing this requires us to sit with our messy feelings and symptoms, to no longer try to avoid our pain. Trying to avoid pain and suffering only increases it. We can become addicted to all sorts of things in our efforts to avoid pain and suffering. This aversion hijacks the body’s natural healing processes.

Do you believe the body is just a kind of flesh robot with happenstance forces affecting it in ways that cannot be controlled? Or do you believe that it is a highly complex and intelligent system capable of just about anything? Do you believe in your weakness or do you believe in your infinite potential? Which would you choose if you had a choice?

Are you aware that you have a choice?

Healing happens when stories are told in a safe space. And so my invitation to you is this:

Learn the language of the human body so as to trust your body in all it’s exquisite wisdom. Allow your body’s spontaneous processes to unfold. Understand that dis-ease is a message from you, to you, about you.

You Heal You.

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